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Through real-time data analysis, new analytic techniques provide healthcare systems with quantitative evaluations on how to reduce cost and track the strategies that improve care. As part of the cost reduction focus, our staff has experience in identifying waste and inefficiency through analysis of beneficiary and provider relations and patient histories.

Federal & State

Healthcare reimbursement models are changing for Medicare, Medicaid, and other public programs. Data analytics is at the heart of policy and reimbursement models evaluation.

Over the past two years, our team has participated in the development of a knowledge discovery infrastructure being used by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). We have also been a part of the effort to bring Medicare and states’ individual Medicaid systems together for the first time. This unification of data systems is important for looking at Medicare and Medicaid overpayments for beneficiaries, an important step to address fraud, waste and abuse.

Data analytics and simulation will also be a key element of successful proposals and program executions for states receiving CMS Innovation Grants. Our staff has been part of many discussions with both CMS and state governments on the role of data analytics and data management as these programs are planned, developed and implemented.

Big Data Analytics

If finding outstanding job candidates for your company isn’t challenging enough, matching their skills to what you need done makes hiring one of the greatest business challenges. Enter big data.

  • Develop web applications that looks at applicants' answers

  • Get statistics on answers and levels of participation

  • Score the responses against global data

  • Insights on problem solving skills and overall performance

  • Know how employees are using their benefits


In the new age of patient-centered medicine, “patients” as we now know them will become “consumers of health.”

To that end, Data Tapestry seeks new collaborations with investors to develop and market-test a wide range of health consumer products. Our staff and investors are building on the broad knowledge of data and computer science to team with entrepreneurs and innovators to enter the new age of data-driven individualized health products. Contact us to learn more.

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