What We Do

AI, Big Data, Modeling, & Simulation

AI & Deep Learning

Working with clients, we focus on discovering inefficiencies, mitigating risk, gaining a competitive advantage, as well as supporting better and more timely decisions through the application of state-of-the art techniques.

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Deep & Machine Learning

  • Distributed Computing

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Evolutionary Algorithms

  • Business Intelligence Methods

  • Traditional Data Warehousing

  • Geo-Temporal Analysis

Modeling & Simulation

Whether simple or highly sophisticated, a model of the data is needed for future projections. Our experience is that the power of predictive analysis is becoming more refined and easier to validate assumptions as more data is included in the process. We apply simple models to fit data for some applications and more complex agent-based simulations for others. The value of big data is that many scenarios can be examined and updated as data becomes available in real or near-real time. Mission applications to date include planning, simulation of outcomes and impacts of decisions affecting individuals and population, and scenario developments of market resiliency and community acceptance.

Big Data Architectures

We consult and help implement state-of-the-art big data analytic architectures for agencies, enterprises and businesses. Our experience helps clients benefit from the most advanced commercial and open-source solutions for analysis at very large scales. Depending on client needs, we customize the design and application of the architecture using solutions that include massively parallel processing, NoSQL, and graph platforms for the combination of structured and unstructured data.

The data can be disparate in nature and include electronic health records (EHRs), images, text, audio, video, and social media. We routinely collaborate with leaders in the field such as Pivotal, Teradata, high-performance computing platforms vendors, and others.

Management Consulting

We assist clients in the assessment and development of big data competencies within their own organizations. Based on our experience, most organizations are faced with how to invest resources in hardware, software, and personnel to become proficient in taking advantage of their enterprise data and the growing accessibility to public sources of data. Decisions to purchase, lease or use cloud resources depend upon the business of the organization and the sophistication of the technical skills of the current and future personnel. We have experience in advising both large and small companies in their data resource strategies.