Administration View

Accurately track audit logs, email reports, and code tables. Create user profiles and control access.

Contract Filtering

Quickly filter contracts to see them by staff assignments, date signed, those requiring a Fair Market Value, etc.

Provider Index

An index of providers for the U.S. that integrates data from three federal databases that utilize NPI registry information.

Featured Application

Man sitting down with charts, graphs, and a calculator

Estimating Risk

Risk factors related to high-risk procedures and medications, as well as indicators of patient volume and facilities covered by the provider.

Docotor in law offices next to legal scale

Malpractice Findings

Integrate relevant databases as well as the medical practice exclusion databases for individuals on our providers list within.

Lawyer at desk with judge and gavel

Litigation Risk

Integrate several legal databases in the application and search/score providers based on these databases.

Frequently Asked Questions

As hospitals enter into contracts with more and more physicians, keeping up with contract terms and conditions becomes challenging and legally important. If not tracked carefully, the contracts may expire without notice and terms may have been changed during the course of the physician’s contract.

Our interface provides the user an intuitive means to ensure that all required pieces of information have been filled in before the contract start date.

No, all contracts regardless of type (physician, affiliated, or acquisition) and status (active or archived) are managed in one location.

Documents can be associated to multiple contracts, with each document view having its own page for making edits. Any changes made on one document takes affect on all linked contracts.

Each hospital is unique in terms of its staff expertise, administration, leadership, communication, profile of services, patient demographics, and community. As a result it is likely that each hospital will have a different profile of strong compliance areas and processes as well as some that may need improvement.

The application indicates the progress of each contract and provides a big picture view of all contracts. It also tracks audit logs, email reports, and user profiles.